Short term EVS in Slovenia

  • Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Slovenia

  • Contact person: Turistično društvo Žetale
  • Coordinating organisation: turistično društvo Žetale
  • Host: Turistično društvo Žetale:
  • Location: Žetale, Slovenia
  • Deadline: 01/02/2015
  • Start: 05/07/2015
  • End: 02/09/2015

  • The project will take place in the municipality of Žetale, region Haloze, Slovenia. The location can be geographically placed in the middle of major tourist centers such as Terme Ptuj in the oldest city of Slovenia, Rogaska Slatina Spa with its unique mineral water, Spa Krapinske in neighboring Croatia, Donaèka mountain with natural beauty and rare species of plants around. It takes only half an hour to reach any of these tourist centres by car and the same applies for the public means of transport. In addition to this one hour drive is needed to reach Zagreb and Maribor. Žetale is an idylic village with 1400 inhabitants and is appropriate for people who would like to relax in the nature and recharge their body and mind power. All of this is offered by the foothpaths, one of which Haloze mountain path is leading throughout the whole region Haloze all the way to Donacka mountain. Pedestrian eco footpath is also established. In addition to this there are quite a few wine producers in the village. Not only cycling paths are run along Haloze, but also platforms for paragliding are made as well as tourist zone Haloze-Zagore which provides a variety of tourist offers for the region.

    The volunteer will work in the center of Žetale, where the organization has its own office. Nearby is located the museum collection of Vuk's house, of which the volunteer will take care. The volunteer will be accommodated in a single apartment at an organic farm as the latter one will be in charge of the food. The flat is also equipped with kitchen, therefore the volunteer will be able cook, if desired.


The volunteers are offered work in the Tourist association of Žetale. Via his life in the village and the inclusion in the new environment, the volunteer will be able to realize the importance of an open-minded attitude to people with another language, culture and customs. Through active involvement in the ongoing activities of the association, the volunteer will get to know the environment in which he will live. A special challenge for the volunteer will be the his reflection on rural development, the significance of energy resources, sustainable development for better future. Moreover, the volunteer will acknowledge the European dimension of projects, particularly due to the fact that the region operates directly at the Croatian border. According to his interests, the volunteer may also work in the field of cultural heritage and arts. Since the association manages the "Vuk Homestead" museum there is also need for constant alterations for the preparation of exhibitions and collections. We welcome any artistic,cultural and pedagogic projects in which volunteers will find himself interested in.In the time of porject he will take part in a "Training course", where he will be introduced to youngsters from all over the Europe, the enviroment and his tasks as a volunteer. Fresh ideas and a great deal of participation in those projects will be welcome.


Our organization would like to host a motivated individual who is willing to work on a voluntary project. We are searhing for 4 persons. In addition we are looking for a self-initiative volunteer who is willing to integrate into the existing activities and develop an independent projects. It is desirable that the volunteer is interested in cultural heritage, art, pedagogic field, advancement of tourism and organization of events. The volunteer will be selected according to the sent motivation letter, CV and Skyp interview. We wish that the sending organization will offer good support to the volunteer prior the departure and during the staying. An important criterion in selecting the sending organization is the establishment of a stable contact and partnership with it as only this way we could expect them to carry out the desired preparation of the volunteer. Moreover, It is desirable that the volunteer comes from a similar geographical environment, as this will enable his easier integration in the activities action, naturally this is not a condition, though. Preference: a volunteer with a level of russian, german or other languages (additional to the english language).


Motivation letters and CV send please to Selecting procedure will follow later.


Themes: Art and culture, Environment, Heritage protection, Rural development, Youth sports, Media and communications, European awareness
Targets: Youth and children, Unemployed, Local Community
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