EVS in Hungary

  • Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Hungary

  • Contact person: Multikultura Egyesulet
  • Organisation: Multikultura Egyesulet
  • Location: Budapest, Hungary
  • Deadline: 30/04/2011
  • Start: 01/09/2011
  • End: 29/02/2012

  • The organisation is working with children and young people in refugee center and orphanage who faces economical and social difficulties. The volunteers will work with group of children who belong to these groups.
    The volunteers will organise them leisure time activities for the target groups, in several places around the country. Some activities are delivered in the refugee camp and in the orphanage in Bicske (40 km from the capital, Budapest) and other activities are mainly organised in diverse parts of Budapest.
    Bicske is a small town about 40 km away from Budapest. One of Hungary's refugee camp is based there. The volunteers will get there by public transport which takes 50 minutes, and 15 minutes walking to reach the camp which is outside of the town. The activities take place in the community room of the camp which is big enough for the activities. There is also opportunity to use the garden for outdoor activities. There is also an orphanage in Bicske and the volunteers will also take part in activities there.
    The volunteers will have activities in Budapest (capital of Hungary) as well.
    The volunteers will spend time also in the office of the Host Organisation which has all the facilities for their work. The office is in the city centre of Budapest (capital of Hungary), easily accessible by public transport. It is about 30 minutes by bus from the accommodation of the volunteer. The office is placed in an independent cultural centre, which is opened during the whole day, there are different cultural events: concerts, exhibitions, performances.
    The volunteers will work with children and young people with fewer opportunities, therefore they will have chance to meet people from different social and economical background.


The aims of the project the volunteers are involved in are: 1. to create possibilities for refugee children and young people and also for those belonging to minorities 2. to organise leisure time activities for children and young people living in the orphanage and in less privileged areas of Budapest The volunteers can take part in the organisation and delivery of the current programmes of the Host Organisation and also have the opportunity to create programmes, smaller projects based on their own ideas. The Host Organisation is opened to any idea which gives opportunities to children and young people to spend their free time in a fruitful and enjoyable way. The volunteers will have the chance to work in a young, dynamic youth organisation, experience teamwork, individual work and responsibility. They will have the chance to participate in national and international trainings and workshops co-organised by the Host Organisation. The roles of the volunteers are: 1. to be a team member in the organisation 2. to promote intercultural learning during the project 3. to be a leader of their own small projects 4. to represent the organisation in festivals and different events (together with Hungarian volunteers) The activities in which the volunteers could be involved are the organisation, delivery and evaluation of: 1. arts and craft workshop in the refugee camp, orphanage and cultural centres 2. film-clubs 3. chat clubs for the youngsters with fewer opportunities, this could be delivered in Hungarian, in the native language of the volunteer or in English according to the needs and interest of the young people ( native English is not required) 4. sport and outdoor activities 5. international youth programmes Besides the existing programmes of the Host Organisation the volunteers can bring their own ideas and they will have the opportunity to develop them into projects during their service in our organisation. The percentage of the tasks of the volunteers: 50 % delivery of leisure time activities in the refugee camp, orphanage, cultural center or in school 20% preparation for the activities 20% development of own project ideas 10% co-operation with the other volunteers of the organisation in other projects When the volunteers' work in the office is for the preparation of the activities. The volunteer won't have any administrative work to do which is not connected


Our organisation is looking for volunteers who are keen on working is team, but also able to work individually. It is essential that the volunteers have good contact making skills, and to be opened to the diversity of children and youngsters they will work with. As the main parts of the project involve activities with children and young people, we would like the volunteer to have some experiences in youth/refugee work. We are happy to welcome volunteers with fewer opportunities, and we are open to work with any partner. Our organisation is open to host volunteers with fewer opportunities, young people belonging to minorities. Our organisation offers all help needed for the volunteers in case of special needs. However it will be difficult to assure an environment which allows easy transport.


The project is advertised by the volunteers of the organisation and having received the applications we call the candidates during the recruiting process, and based on their CV, motivation letter and the e-mail/online/telephone interview we select those we would like the best to work with.
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