Youth Cultural Centre Abrasevic

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  • Alekse Šantića 25
  • 88 101 Mostar
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

Omladinski Kulturni Centar « Abraševic »
Alekse Šanitica 25,
88000 Mostar - Bosnia and Herzegvina, , ,

Short Introduction

The Youth Cultural Centre “Abraševic, exists to ensure an adequate role of the youth in the social processes in Mostar and to improve the cultural and socio-political life of Mostar. Idea is that OKC “Abraševic” enables involved NGOs, informal groups and individuals to have more resonance in their work; to exist under one roof; to increase the professionalism of young people initiatives, ideas and the spirit of unity that exist between young activists in Mostar; to strengthen and support their work and initiatives; to give the opportunity for more of the social changes, that will happen in Mostar (BiH), to come from the citizens and young people.
The Youth Cultural Centre ''Abrasevic'' open its space (mobile culture containers?) and resources to all people who wish to utilize their potential and realize individual or group initiatives in the domain of art, culture and civil society by creating open programs. Those open programs will not be just cultural injection it will be constant frequented cultural programs that can fulfil need for esthetical and cultural happenings in community. With open programs we want to develop cultural happenings and raise cultural standard. We are sure that good cultural life can improve reconciliation process in Mostar and give more security and freedom in everyday life. OKC “Abrasevic” is a place for partner NGOs, informal groups and individuals who wish to take part in the creation of their own living environment. The reconstruction of building of former public (workers) culture centre “Abrasevic” is the first building after war that will be built with all the legal construction documents. It is achievement of young people, activists and it is a lonely example of (re)construction in Mostar even BiH. OKC “Abrasevic” is more than a physical location, it is also an idea to increase the unity and enhance the impact of the NGO sector that exists thus far in Mostar as well as empowering youth initiatives.

Specific objectives
• Develop civil society
OKC “Abrasevic” gathers different partner NGOs and individuals who have progressive ideas and approaches and already initiated projects aiming at changing the socio-political and cultural situation in Mostar. These initiatives are a base for development of the civil society.
OKC “Abrasevic” is made to offer them space and technical means for joined activities that will help better efficiency in their work, better visibility and impact in Mostar and the region as well as to share international civil society network.
In this way, the Youth Cultural Centre “Abrasevic” aims at showing a motivating example, having a role of model for socially engaged young people to encourage more of them to actively take part in socio-political engagements and changes and in the creation of an alternative cultural scene.
Joined activities engaged towards the public field intend to develop relations with local and international authorities as well as to raise awareness of the public.

• Improve cultural / artistic life
First aim of OKC “Abrasevic” is to open a public space dedicated to quality cultural and artistic programs: It is intended to offer a working space for artists to practice and produce as well as a scene to perform. In the same time, it is the matter to propose to the local public a new and wide range of different art productions and expressions.
In order to fight prevailing tendencies of highly commercialized features, OKC “Abrasevic” wants to enlarge cultural life to diversity of offers and products such as sub-culture and contra-culture, progressive, urban, youth, club, popular, alternative, independent and non-institutional cultures.
In the same time, OKC “Abrasevic” by working on partnerships with regional and international other cultural NGOs and institutions aims at developing joined cultural and artistic activities as well as improving the visibility of Mostar and B-H youth culture.

• Empower Youth
OKC “Abrasevic” is based on the principles of cooperation, solidarity, humanity and universal human values and promotes an environment in which youth will be able to create, think, realize their ideas and build positions and reactions on important issues.
By the openness of structural organization and the variety of activities, OKC “Abrasevic” aims at giving opportunity to young people to participate to the Youth Cultural Centre “Abrasevic” development and cultural life, to encourage their involvement in decision making, working habits, social consciousness, and thus overcoming of the passivity and development of personal skills, knowledge and interests.


Activities: Hosting EVS project, Sending EVS volunteers, Youth initiative, Youth exchange, Seminar, Training, Other