he non-profit organisation (NGO) “JJ Films & Culture” was founded at the beginning of the year 2010. Although its main fields of activity are culture and media, the NGO’s projects are mainly FILM-targeted.

The preoccupation for the 7th art comes from the life-long passion of the NGO’s president, Ms. Ioana JOCA (photo). Double nominated for BAFTA-awards, scholarship-winner at the breakthrough training section of the Berlin International Film Festival and participant at a script-lab in Poland, Ioana considers that there aren’t enough film events / activities organised in Romania. Subsequently, by using her own film knowledge but also her journalist background, Ioana desires to organise and coordinate as many as possible film events– in Romania and abroad.

Regardless the location, “JJ Films & Culture” projects intend to: 1. Promote the Romanian cinema, and 2. Organise film events with certain themes that never been approached before in Romania. Moreover, Ioana, who is an ex European Volunteer (an educational programme for education and informal professional learning supported by the European Commission) intents to implement and develop in 2011 in Romania a system of European Voluntary Service projects. These projects will involve young people (Romanians and foreigners with the age up to 26) that are passionate about European culture and national identity.