Diaconat Protestant Résidence Rochecolombe

The residence Rochecolombe creates conditions so that the young people that it welcomes build their first steps in the active life.
Using a global approach, the residence acts on all the control levers which contribute to the development of the young people:reception, housing environment, employment, training, health,cultural opening,citizenship and their creative involvement where they live.
All the action aims at the autonomy of the young person, to restore him the possibility of becoming integrated into the social network while respecting his own choices.
" General objectives of the residence:
* Facilitate the autonomy of the resident.
* Facilitate the acquisition of the rules of behaviour in collective structure
* Contribute to his socialization
The population : They are native of France, DOM-TOM,European Union and foreign countries. (Asia, Africa and Latin America)They are salaried, job-hunters, trainees of the vocational training, or students.

Our work: They all have different needs according to age, French language level and the knowledge of the social and professional environment. A multidisciplinary team of 5 social workers intervenes in the various domains of everyday life ( health, budget, employment, training, accommodation, leisure activities…) The coordinator makes a social accompaniment individual for the search of job and training, he also has a responsibility for the conception and the application of collective actions which aim at facilitating the links between residents, the consideration of the cultural differences and the socialization within our community.



Activities: Hosting EVS project, Coordinating EVS projects, Youth initiative, Youth exchange, Seminar, Training, Other