Auslandsgesellschaft NRW eV

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  • Steinstr. 48
  • 44147 Dortmund
  • Germany
he Auslandsgesellschaft NRW e.V. is a free, charitable educational body involved in
international cultural exchange activities. According to its statues its aim is to "serve international
understanding among peoples in the spirit of humanity and tolerance". For over fifty years it has been promoting understanding between people of different origins and mediating knowledge about the culture, politics society and economy of other countries. As an international cultural meeting place offering events, exchanges and language courses the Auslandsgesellschaft aims to contribute to building bridges with other nations. The Auslandsgesellschaft is a member of countless societies including the Society of European Academies (GEA), the Working Circle of German Educational Bodies, (AdB), the European Movement e.V, the Working Circle of Private Institutions for International Meeting and Educational Work, the Federal Association of Adult Education Institutes and countless nationwide federal societies.


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Activities: Hosting EVS project, Sending EVS volunteers, Youth initiative, Youth exchange, Seminar, Training, Other