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Actively Learning People All Over The Europe is public institution founded in Lithuania in 2016. It aims to increase public awareness on social issues, to promote exchange of youth, social responsibility, and to improve professional and interpersonal skills of youth for building bright future through informal education. It has around 8 people in administrative board and 100 volunteers. ALAOE successfully co-operated with Public and Private Universities in Lithuania, and also Sport Directorate of the Council of Europe, European Youth Foundation, SALTO - YOUTH, Globalfund.

ALAOE`s main activities are to promote healthy life style, to involve young people into social and ecological projects, to increase participation of youth in international events, to developed collaboration among young people of Lithuania with their peers from Europe and European neighborhood countries, to encourage youth for active participation in European integration process, to stimulate informal learning, to involve in educational and cultural exchange, intercultural and practical learning, youth empowerment and capacity building, to place students for apprenticeship and internship. Apart from these, ALAOE organizes trainings for professionals and students of different fields such as marketing, entrepreneurship, public policy and so on. It has organized projects that are related to integration to Europe, intercultural dialogue, multiculturalism and so on.

Our members are between 18-35 years old, with their young spirit they are eager to contribute to the development of the youth. We focus on exchange of youth through informal learning.


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